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Hello !
I've read all articles on your great blog but didn't find how did you improvised variator lock tool ?
I'm desperately seeking that tool for my Fuoco but unfortunately version for 400/500 models is quite rare.
Thank you !
I never needed it.
The impact wrench is all you need and to hold the rear brake when you remove or tighten the 21 mm nut.

So far I opened and closed the transmission more than 30 times with no ill effect. I also never used / needed a torque wrench in my 30 something years of working with vehicles.
A trick is to mark before you loosen something, so when you are tighten again and the marks align you see that it is screwed tight enough.
(on the sample picture above the marks are not aligned yet.)

Velimir from Belgrade
Hi,First of all thank you for your blog.it's really shame that malaguti has such little information and very poor marketing campaign for probably one of the best scooter-motocycle in the world.
Ok here is my story. Last year in October the fucking junkies stole my Piaggio Beverly Cruiser. Just in front of my house while I was watching a WorldCup qualifing football game.

After I definitely lost my hope for finding him, I have decided to start finding a new bike. In the mean time my friend who has '07 Spidermax gave me his bike just to try. And I felt in Love! It is the best scooter I've ever rode. It' amazing that the feeling can be compared to BMW R 1200RT model. So I decide to buy one for myself!
I must tell you that at first I have not been impressed very much about how it looks, especially from behind, but when I saw RS 500 I definitely said to myself that's it! Problem is RS is still expensive 4500 eur in Italy.(www.moto.it) ( and I have 8% taxes + 18% VAT on that price= near 5700eur) and my malaguti dealer in belgrade has last year model with 0 km for about 5900eur.only 200 eur diference between new and the used one.
Not make sense at all. So probably I will take GT model. So after this long intro ( I've just wanted to introduce myself to you and my bike story) here is finaly my question for you as a spidermax expert.
Can I change rear lights with the lights from RS model and that chrome part between? I really like it very much. The other question is considering seat and grips heating and a little taller windscreen. What do you suggest?. I really want to make it like it should be: the Best touring scooter in the world.
Cheers mate,
Velimir you can change the rear lights but I am not sure about the the chrome part.
The wind screen is tall enough for people up to 180 cm after that it is a bit drafty in the face, Since the windscreen is wide it shields the upper torso very well. Have not heard about another windscreen but you might google for "windscreen extention".

here you see the difference from the RS vs the GT model

Cazarré, from Brazil wrote:

Hello, I've been following your blog for a while, since I started considering to buy a Spidermax, wich I did a few months ago.

First of all I have to say that your experience did me a great favor, helping me up to decide to buy this wonderful machine, so thanks a lot buddy!

I have a Burgman 400 before and keep them both for a while, but today I just kept the Spidermax.

I have been reading your posts about making her accelerate better, and am considering to do the same over here.

It is very difficult to buy parts over here, not mentioning the tuning ones like Malossi's and Polini's, so I have to figure out other ways to improve my beloved Spidermax.

With the Burgman was the same so I develop a faster trans kit making lighter roller weights and stronger main spring and that worked very well.

Now it is the time for me to start developing some mods for the Spidermax and your tips seem to be very good.

There's something that you can say regarding engine or transmission increased wear caused by the Mustang or Colt conversions?

Another thing I'll like to know is about tyres. Wich ones did you have on your Spidermax? Are they originals or replacement? Do you have them available there or you need to buy them anywere else? How much do they cost?

I have Lasertec Metzelers fitted on mine (she got them from the importer), but am not very confident on them.

Well, thanks a lot in advance, and keep your work over your blog as you are helping the Spidermax owners a lot!

Best regards,
L. Cazarré

Thank you for you kind words and I am glad I could help you discover this wonderful machine.

So far from the light vibrations in the 6000 band (+/- 800 rpm) to the hot foot above the exhaust from my spouse in certain riding conditions there is nothing negative in the 8000 km I had the Colt Conversion so far.

The vibrations will be addressed when I do the 10.000 km check from the rollers and the belt what should be in February / March  2010. The radiating heat from the unprotected exhaust pipe I did shield with a piece of tin bend in shape.

My tire story you can follow under the post "so TIREd". So far I am on the last rubber bits of my second Maxxis what is the original Tire Malaguti puts on the Spidermax. The rear tire is quite expensive here last I checked they wanted 180 Euro. I am looking into having the 150/80-16 size (only 100 Euro) legalized.

Your Metzeler seems to be the 150/80 VB 16 M/C (71V) TL, what is not the original size either.
The newest materials and compound technology applied to a classic tread pattern
design for enhanced performance out of your bike
New compound with high Silica developed for outstanding grip both in dry and in wet enhancing riding performance
"Sport Touring" carcass design with lighter, more resistant Polyester fibre giving higher comfort and improving handling
"Classic" tread pattern design ensuring effective water dispersal for safe wet riding and wear regularity with long-lasting mileage

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