1 Year Spidermax

Happy birthday to us.

After exactly 12 months, 18.000 km, one new rear tire what now also needs replacing, 2 oil filter and several oil changes, around 10 times taking the CVT apart with a very pleasing outcome, a full makeover with several red and black spray cans and some more minor changes, it is time to find out if this was a good purchase.
A year ago I wondered if this could be the perfect bike for me here on the island.
The short answer is: YES!

She is so much fun to ride and since I changed her personality with the paint job and the Colt Conversion she fits like a glove and I not only have a smile on my face when we are out to play there is also the occasionally WHO HOOOO when the broad grin is not enough to express my feeling.

Are there things that could be better?
Just minor like the tires what have a size which is hard to find and the foot rests from the pillion what could be a few centimeters further away from me but compared to every other bike I owned the past 30 something years this is the most fun and best looking I ever had.
She is also the most exclusive bike.
We have all kind of Harleys, Gold Wings and lots of more fancy and rare motorcycles here on the islands. But as far as I know there is only 1 Malaguti Spidermax on all 7 islands and you are just reading her story.
In fact she is one of the rarest models in the automatic scene world wide, but without the exorbitant price for spare parts, since her propulsion unit is the same as in all 500 cc European scooters.

I loved my Burgman 400 she was cozy like a recliner, but sometimes I felt old on her. Like just relaxing in a La-Z-Boy Recliner and watching the scenery drift by.
Don´t get me wrong, I enjoyed the relaxed scooting around and sometimes even with my legs extended, but I was missing the sporty side of riding around on 2 wheels.

The Spidermax makes me feel like a teenager most of the time with her look, her handling and the way she drives.
And I can drive her crazy and still feel safe.
She is a very sporty bike with a now very zippy motor / transmission ( thanks to my Colt Conversion).
So when Malaguti tried to combine the quirkiness of a Supermotard and the comfort of a Maxi-Scooter they did a pretty good job.

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