All good things must come to an end (TNG)

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As I mentioned in my Malaguti Spidermax RS - log the last posting down the bottom Piston rings, my Spidermax RS with just 18000KM died because of the well known failure for a particular time period when the 500 MASTER engine changed from 460cc to 500cc and certain parts like original rollers went to really low quality crap what actually could break (pictures here in the blog) and low quality piston and piston rings. With this move you lost a customer for live Piaggio. No more 2 wheeler with a Piaggio engine for me!
Now I could get a kit with a new cylinder, new piston, new rings for around 250 Euro at some aftermarket dealer. I would have to dismantle the bike and open up the engine. 


Malaguti Spidermax RS - log

Year 1 - Observations and Modifications
2015-01 - arrival
- changed to Dr. Colt Conversion
- lost oil and oil filter
- motor is overheating
- fixing the overheating problem
2015-05 paint job
2015-05 mounted new trunk - trunk broke off - fixed battered trunk
2015-05 engine cuts out on occasion.
2015-08 check engine light comes on for a while
Year 5 - Observations and Modifications 
2019-07 back in service
2019-07 OH CRAP!
2019-08 Piston rings


Malaguti Spidermax - Personal Log

My 2 Spidermax are back on the Island and I had the first tours with the RS.
All is  fine in the Mountains but with 2 persons  the Canary conversion (4x 19g Dr. Pulley sliders and a 2,5mm spacer instead the 4x 21g Dr. Pulley sliders and  the standard 2mm spacer is needed and already changed.


Piaggio 500 cc weep hole check mod

1 minute mod to see if you water pump seal is still good
If you have not read my post about a wet weep hole and the problems what can come with it, see here.


Malaguti Spidermax - Honey, I Shrunk the Mercedes

While I liked the 40 something liter Givi top box on my Spidermax GT, it always looked a bit to big for my taste. There was no real harmony of the lines with the Spidermax rear design.
Looking for something new, the contemporary top boxes looked pretty much the same to me.


Malaguti Spidermax - Orange Caramel

The 30 Euro paint and a few hours work transformation
It all started with PSY and the most played clip in YouTube history Gangnam Style.
I discovered K-POP.


Spidermax RS loosing oil filter disaster

Sunday afternoon, after a nice ride through some local hills, on the way home disaster strikes...


Piaggio Master 500cc - 5 Years / 55000 km (34000 miles) with the 4 roller Colt conversion

➤➤➤ the truth about my crazy experiment III

I started my Colt conversion experiment 2009.8.10 at 19.000 km, now 2014.09.02 five years and at 74.000 km. So 55.000 km (34.000 miles) later it is still working without problems, did not kill the engine or drove me to the poor house.
Read the story from the beginning just follow :



2 Years with the Malaguti Spidermax 500GT

I got her used with 18 months and 4000 km for 3000 Euro, that was a marvelous deal.
Let´s see what happen to my Spidermax in the last 2 years.