Malaguti Spidermax - Personal Log

Got my RS Spidermax today.
She runs like the GT without modifications.
So far not paint shaker or angry Sea Lion, but then it was 10 degrees Celsius on the ride home, maybe when it  gets warmer... (fat chance, my Dr. Colt Conversion will be the first mod I will do.)
Overall it is like a new bike but with some minor blemishes in the paint.


Piaggio Master 500cc - 5 Years / 55000 km (34000 miles) with the 4 roller Colt conversion

the truth about my crazy experiment III
I started my Colt conversion experiment 2009.8.10 at 19.000 km, now 2014.09.02 five years and at 74.000 km. So 55.000 km (34.000 miles) later it is still working without problems, did not kill the engine or drove me to the poor house.
Read the story from the beginning just follow :


2 Years with the Malaguti Spidermax 500GT

I got her used with 18 months and 4000 km for 3000 Euro, that was a marvelous deal.
Let´s see what happen to my Spidermax in the last 2 years.