Colt Conversion Warning

Read this before you screw (up)
Avoid Piaggio rollers! Do not use them for the Colt Conversion!
I am looking for a more durable and reliable solution and will keep you informed here.

If you made the 4 roller Colt Conversion be sure to check your rollers for wear and defects. Since some time Piaggio made the rollers much less durable and the outer plastic can break easy.

There is an easy way to spot failing rollers:
When the rollers are starting to wear the RPM increases and your bike is even more responsive and accelerates even a bit better. You will also notice, that on areas where you normally have 7500 RPM at 140 km/h on a light hill (just an example how I noticed it) you will see the RPM climbing to 7700 or higher. Also the RPM limiter will start earlier at high speed.

This is an indication that it is time to change the rollers now.
If you keep on going something like this can happen over time.

The solution to this problem is:
use Dr. Pulley sliders for my modifications!

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