Malaguti Spidermax 2004-2011 Story of an unusual scooter in pictures

Malaguti SPIDERMAX  near final design

What makes the Spidermax so different to other scooters?

4 stage cooling system - normal: 3 stage
aluminum frame- normal: steel tube frame
16" wheels - normal: front 13 to 15" extremely rare 16" and rear very seldom over 14"
car quality air filter (VW Golf 2) - normal: oil covered sponge
stainless steel exhaust - normal: steel exhaust
handling like a sporty motorcycle - normal: handling like a scooter
unique design - normal: most maxi scooters now look very much alike
dual front brakes - normal: single front brake
remove the foot rest (2 screws) and you can work on the transmission - normal: lots of plastic to remove first.

Other nice points

  • Checking and changing motor oil instantly from the outside.
  • Changing the oil filter instantly from the outside.
  • Checking and changing final drive oil instantly from the outside.
  • Checking and changing spark plug just open a clip in cover.
  • Adjusting headlights from the outside.
  • Changing headlights possible from the outside if you have small hands, for every body else 2 screws and removing the faceplate and you are there.
  • All other lamps, open the service clip cover.
  • Check/change battery remove 2 screws and the 2 screws from the driver seat.
  • Charge battery, just plug in at the power outlet in the trunk.
  • Angled tire valves for easy filling.
  • Mirrors easy fold away.
  • Handle bar lock left or right.

  • after 70.000 km
  • reliable
  • mostly easy to work and fix
  • part prices are OK


    Malaguti SPIDERMAX passenger space

    Malaguti factory design studio

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX aluminum frame
    The sturdy aluminum frame combined the the two 16" wheels makes the SPIDERMAX unique.
    That gives a more sports bike than scooter feel and handling.

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX engine test

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX naked
    between the front and the rear wheel there is a sturdy aluminum frame for maximum stability

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX naked

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX wind channel test

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX assembly line

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX assembly line

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertising

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertising

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertising

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertising trunk space
    if you put the in the right way you can store 2 full face helmets

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertising trunk space
    the only scooter with a trunk space what can hold a  briefcase

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertising lineup
    Sadly the color choice missed some some exiting or sporty colors

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX advertisingwith tall girl and short guy ;)

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX road test
    riding curves is limited by the scraping center stand

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX road test
    you can do this even with 2 persons and it still feels absolutely safe.

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX road test
    you should see sparks from the center stand

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX road test
    2004 Malaguti SPIDERMAX is ready to hit the streets

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX EICMA Italian motor show

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX EICMA Italian motor show
    wow look at that rear end - i am talking about the SPIDERMAX

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX Italian Spidermax and scooter club
    home of my friend Slooper who has an awesome repair and more forum - sadly only in Italian - but with pictures!

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX Italian Spidermax and scooter club
    wish I could be there...

    2007 Malaguti SPIDERMAX facelift RS model
    After a nose job and some heavy butt surgery combined with an Euro 3 cat.
    The engine grows 40 cc to cancel the loss from the now cleaner catalyst.

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX RS and GT compared
    the unfortunate bucket design of the lower trunk what disgraced the nice backside was reshaped to a more contemporary design

    the "exiting" colors of the Malaguti Spidermax RS

    Malaguti Spidermax RS (does this look like a scooter?)

    Malaguti Spidermax RS scraping the curves
    Malaguti Spidermax RS test ride

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX police edition

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX the last SPIDERMAX RS waiting in the factory for their new owner

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX one of the last RS build

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX one of the last RS build

    in 2011 the Malaguti MOTO company closed its door forever
    There is a small staff left to supply you with spare parts what has now even an on-line order system.

    Malaguti SPIDERMAX - fans and factory


    Technical data from the factory

    A dream comes true in a single project
    An exciting Touring bike for your week-ends as well as a comfortable maxi scooter for your commuting daily. The performance and the emotions of a real motorcycle together with the practicality and comfort of a maxi scooter..

    – Euro 3, 500cc engine electronic injection 39,5 HP
    – die cast V-BOX aluminium frame
    – telescopic hydraulic front fork with 41mm Ø stanchions
    – two adjustable hydraulic rear shock absorbers
    – Integral double disc braking: 270mm front, 260mm rear
    – digital instrument panel with onboard computer
    – 300 km range
    – 16” wheels
    – motorcycle tires
    – a record boot storing either 2 full-face helmets or a briefcase
    – a 1490 mm wheelbase for super handiness
    – Saddle height: 76 cm only.

    AS NIMBLE AS A SUPERMOTARD: A 1490 mm wheelbase assures an incredible handling even at low speed in the city traffic.
    Bei der SpiderMAX GT 500 werden Leistung und Emotionen eines sportlichen Motorrads vereint mit dem Komfort eines Maxirollers. Das 500 ccm Aggregat mit elektronischer Einspritzung und 39,5 Ps Leistung erfüllt die Euro 3 Anforderungen an moderne Motoren. SpiderMAX GT 500 - wahres Understatement im Bereich der Maxiroller.

    THE EXCITEMENT OF A REAL MOTORCYCLE: Die-cast aluminium V-BOX frame, like the most sophisticated sports motorcycles; its stiffness gives better road holding and high stability under any riding condition.
    Der druckgegossene V-BOX-Aluminiumrahmen ist für sichere Straßenlage auch bei voller Belastung konzipiert.

    A RECORD BOOT: Spacious under-seat storage compartment: 38 litres for 2 full-face helmets, an overnight bag or a laptop bag. Standard equipment: hydraulic seat lifter, socket for charging mobile phones, courtesy light.
    Im Staufach unter der Sitzbank haben zwei Helme oder auch eine Aktentasche locker Platz.

    A MOTORCYCLE BRAKING SYSTEM: Integral braking system consisting of a 270 mm Ø front double disc with floating callipers and a 260 mm Ø rear disc allowing prompt, powerful and proper braking for top safety. 16" wheels and extra-large 120/80-16" tires.
    Die hydraulische Teleskopgabel mit 41 mm Tauchrohrdurchmesser vorn und die zwei justierbaren hydraulischen Stoßdämpfer hinten sorgen für eine hevorrage Bodenhaftung und für sicheres Handling. Die doppelten Scheibenbremsen mit 270 mm vorn und 260 mm hinten sorgen für eine Perfekte Bremswirkung des durchzugstarken SpiderMAX GT 500.

    An extensive new generation car-like instrument panel including all useful warning lights and a multi-option on board computer.
    Die digitale Instrumentierung des SpiderMAX GT 500 schafft ein modernes übersichtliches Ambiente im Cockpit.

    Malaguti Spider MAX GT 500
    General information
    Rating: 76.6 out of 100
    Engine and transmission
    Displacement: 459.00 ccm (28.01 cubic inches)
    Engine type: Single cylinder
    Stroke: 4
    Power: 39.50 HP (30 kW)) @ 7250 RPM
    Torque: 42.00 Nm (4.3 kgf-m or 31.0 ft.lbs) @ 6000 RPM
    Compression: 10.5:1
    Bore x stroke: 92.0 x 69.0 mm (3.6 x 2.7 inches)
    Fuel system: Injection. Electronic injector by Magneti Marelli
    Valves per cylinder: 4
    Starter: Electric
    Cooling system: Liquid
    Gearbox: Automatic
    Transmission type
    final drive: Belt
    Physical measures
    Dry weight: 204.0 kg (449.7 pounds)
    Seat height: 760 mm (29.9 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
    Overall height: 930 mm (36.6 inches)
    Overall length: 2,240 mm (88.2 inches)
    Overall width: 810 mm (31.9 inches)
    Chassis and dimensions
    Front tyre dimensions: 120/80-16
    Rear tyre dimensions: 150/70-16
    Front brakes: Single disc
    Front brakes diameter: 270 mm (10.6 inches)
    Rear brakes: Single disc
    Rear brakes diameter: 260 mm (10.2 inches)
    Exhaust system: Exhaust system with 2-channel catalyst
    Speed and acceleration
    Power/weight ratio: 0.1936 HP/kg
    Other specifications
    Fuel capacity: 14.50 litres (3.83 gallons)
    Color options: Silver, titanium, dark blue, hemisphere blue

    Technische Daten
    Motor: Einzylinder, Viertakter
    mit 459 ccm, horizontal
    mit Lambda Abgaskatalysator (Euro 3)
    Bohrung: 92 x 69 mm
    Verdichtung: 10,5:1
    Leistung: max 30 Kw / 39,5 Ps bei 7500 U/min
    max 43 Nm bei 6000 U/min
    Kühlung: flüssiggekühlt
    Einspritzung: Elektronische Einspritzpumpe von Magneti Marelli
    Armaturen: analog/digitale Instrumente / LCD-Display
    Starter: elektrischer Freilaufanlasser
    Zündung: einstellbare elektronische Zündung
    Getriebe: Automatikgetriebe mit V-Riemen-Steuerung
    Kupplung: Automatische Fliehkrafttrockenkupplung
    Schmierung: Trockensumpfschmierung
    Rahmen: Aluminium Monocoquerahmen
    mit Stahlrohrheckträger
    Bremse vorne: 270 mm hydraulische Zweikolben-Doppelscheibenbremse
    Bremse hinten: 260 mm hydraulische Zweikolben-Scheibenbremse
    Felgen: 5-Speichen Aluminiumfelgen

    Bereifung: schlauchlos
    120/80-16” vorne
    150/70-16” hinten
    Dämpfung vorne: 41 mm - Teleskopgabel mit 120 mm Hub
    Dämpfung hinten: Zwei Gasdruckdämpfer /5-fach justierbar
    Federhub - 75 mm
    Benzintank: 14,5 Liter Fassung
    Leergewicht: 204 Kg
    Länge: 2240 mm
    Höhe: 1430 mm mit Windschild
    Breite: 810 mm / 930 mm mit Spiegeln
    Sattelhöhe: 760 mm
    Radstand: 1490 mm


    1. One of best italian scooter ever, but Malaguti doesn't make more of this...

    2. You make so many great points here that I read your article a couple of times. Your views are in accordance with my own for the most part. This is great content for your readers. vespa scooters

    3. Poderia me dizer se o motor é o mesmo da Piaggio Beverly Cruiser 500ie? Dizem que dá muito problema elétrico e mistura de água no óleo do motor, é verdade?

    4. Thank you for these informations!


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