Piaggio Master 500cc - 5 Years / 55000 km (34000 miles) with the 4 roller Colt conversion

the truth about my crazy experiment III
I started my Colt conversion experiment 2009.8.10 at 19.000 km, now 2014.09.02 five years and at 74.000 km. So 55.000 km (34.000 miles) later it is still working without problems, did not kill the engine or drove me to the poor house.
Read the story from the beginning just follow :

Optimizing the Piaggio MASTER 500cc CVT part I to VII

On 2012-02-03 I switched to Dr. Pulley sliders, what work flawless with the first batch since then.
Every thing about that here: Optimizing the Piaggio MASTER 500cc CVT part VII

For me the optimal setting is with four 19 gram Dr. Pulley sliders and the 2 mm distance washer changed to a 2.5 mm.
This cost me bit more (less then 10% often less then 5%) at the gas station, catapults me through roundabouts and intersections when needed. Takes the guess work out of passing a car and has superb hill climbing abilities especially in hair pin turns. Still after 5 years it leads to the occasionally "WOO HOOOO" and a big fat grin on my face.

Measured at the rear wheel this Dr. Colt Conversion results in instant acceleration with 25 PS (18 KW) from the max 35 PS (26 KW).
I have instantly the max torque since the rmp jumps to over 5000.
Power and torque range MASTER engine 500

measured at the rear wheel
The different acceleration areas regarding to the number of installed rollers.
It is not very accurate, but gives you an idea where the extra power is coming from.

Why is the recommended belt change interval at 12.000 km?
f you have the normal 8 roller setup you will have the belt flapping (paint shaker) in the 3000 rpm band while accelerating. My theory that this leads to a premature belt failure has bee validated with the first belt changed in working condition at 37.000 km and the second still in good condition after 37.000 km.

I opened the Piaggio MASTER engine transmission in the 6 years I have the Spidermax around 50 times with the impact wrench without any negative effect on the engine or transmission.
I change the oil all 5.000 km and the filter all 10.000 km.
The valves were adjusted once in the 74.000 km  but it was not really necessary.
I had some vibrations a few years ago but they went away after a while as did the sometimes leaking water pump seal what fixed itself after I put some radiator sealant in the water (sounds strange I know).

I now pronounce the colt conversion experiment a total success and award me with the inventor of the year award in the category of: "having the most impact with the least amount of money while tinkering with the Piaggio MASTER 500 cc engine transmission".

I gladly accept the award from myself and look a bit embarrassed while fiddling in my pocket for the acceptance speech what has not been written yet.  

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