Malaguti Spidermax RS - log

Year 1 - Observations and Modifications
2015-01 - arrival
- changed to Dr. Colt Conversion
- lost oil and oil filter
- motor is overheating
- fixing the overheating problem
2015-05 paint job
2015-05 mounted new trunk - trunk broke off - fixed battered trunk
2015-05 engine cuts out on occasion.
2015-08 check engine light comes on for a while

2015-04-17 - 16000 km
Opened up the transmission to change 8 standard rollers to 4 Dr. Pulley sliders.
The only problem I encountered  was the 21mm rear wheel nut what took nearly a minute with the impact wrench to get loose and after I put it all back together I discovered that I forgot to include the clutch bell. So open up again, include the bell and close up again. It is not fun getting older...

The oil and belt change indicator both show around 4400 km, so I guess somebody changed already the belt.
The rollers and the belt had a near new look as you can see.

Since it is pretty flat where we are now, I did not change the washer and stayed with the original 21 gram sliders.

the clutch shows normal wear and will be good for at least 60.000 km more

there are a couple micro fractures in the belt but overall it is in prefect shape
 these 21 gram Dr. Pulley sliders had already served for 5000 km in my Spidermax GT before I took them out and replaced them with my 18 gram modificated Dr Pulley sliders.

After the test ride I can tell you there is a big difference between how the GT with 55000 km was reacting to the four 21 gram sliders and the 16000 km RS.
While the GT was a bit sluggish and reminded me more on the 6 rollers Mustang conversion, the RS did actually shortly spin the rear wheel at WOT (wide open throttle).
Here is some data:
40km/h = 4000 rpm
60km/h = 4800 rpm
80km/h = 5500 rpm
100km/h = 6000 rpm
120km/h = 7000 rpm
140km/h = 8000 rpm
150km/h = 8000 rpm with rpm limiter kicking in
but since here in Spain the V MAX is 120 km/h, this setup is quite perfect for here in Valencia.

Acceleration from 40km/h  to 60 km/h is around 2 sec (with 100 kilo weight) and the rpm jump from 4000 to 7000.

The over all acceleration is: WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo.....................
Will have fun with some 600cc bikes, big Harleys and big touring bikes here in the mountains (more foothills really).

2015-04-19 - 16050 km
lost all oil and the filter because the wrong filter was installed from the shop where I got the Spidermax RS from. see here

2015-04-21 - 16100 km
During a hill crawl on a loose gravel dirt road I noticed the temperature indicator behaving a little erratic. Crawling the road back down at idle the temperature rose to the maximum and the indicator started to flash a high temp warning. The cooling ventilator started early to work but the blown out air was warm, not hot as it should be. I will have to check the cooling system.
My guess from the whole behavior is that the water temp sensor is faulty and sends wrong temperature readings to the control panel.  

2015-04-28 16150 km
Figuring out why the motor is overheating, the answer is here

2015-05-01 16150 km
Project Orange Caramel is here

2015-05-23 16180 km
Mounted new trunk 2015-05-24 16200 km
Trunk fell off  

2015-05-26 16200 km

Fixed battered trunk

2015-05-28 16250 kmThe engine cuts off during idle phases while in motion. Time to check the spark plugs. And we have my least favorite plug, the 2 prong NKG. They lasted barely 15000 km in the Spidermax GT.
So they will need replacement.

2015-08-20 17000 km
After a 100 km round trip short before home the check engine light came on for about 1 minute.
The same happened the next day short after starting the Spidermax.


  1. Hello,

    do you know how reset the service check on this Malaguti Spidermax RS 500? I've used your search box on the top of your blog without success. Would be happy to know if that is possible. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards from Germany,

  2. Hi there, just got a second hand spider-max and I seem to have a problem with opening the seat from the switch. is there another method of opening it from another place?

  3. @Valerei S: To reset, turn off, hold the display mode switch and turn on
    you can reset belt and oil change also
    To change the time, the dispaly must show km total, turn off, turn on and hold the display mode switch until you see the settings display.

    @Micha: press on the rear of the seat and turn the key, that works. If not than the cable might be stretched like with my GT. A workaround is to open the trunk from underneath, take the trunk lining out and put a string on the locking mechanism and leave a bit sticking out of the trunk.
    Works well for me.


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