Malaguti Spidermax - Orange Caramel

The 30 Euro paint and a few hours work transformation
It all started with PSY and the most played clip in YouTube history Gangnam Style.
I discovered K-POP.

From PSY to HYUNA and Trouble Maker to 4MINUTE my journey landed me at Orange Caramel what is still my favorite K-POP group.
And what has this to do with my Spidermax RS you might wonder, well the older you get the more you start to ramble and not always come right to the point.
The RS colors will be orange caramel - there you have it.

It took me a short time to find the right color and this time I wanted to include some more or the original color for a contrast.

I tested 4 different spray paints, the two small ones did leave bubbles on the grey pvc pipe I used for a test spray. The German COLORS spray paint needed 6 layers to halfway cover the grey and the cheap spray from Valencia, thanks to our local Chinese store, was the absolute winner. Very good coverage, no running paint even if a bit too much did come in one or two areas, very fast drying and a kick ass color. For 2.90 Euro the 400 ml bottle there are 7 bottles waiting to do the job.

The black plastic from the dash board got a couple coats of plastic primer to lock the color better in place.

3 spray cans later

The problem if you do not watch the temperature, what jumped to 30 degree Celsius and the humidity what dropped to 20% , then you do not have an optimal environment to spray color.
Well I did not and the side panels were less than optimal but still good enough.
For these parts I needed good 6 spray cans ( less than 20 Euro)

This is my computer composite (done with Picture Publisher 10)

And this is how my Spidermax - Orange Caramel looks now.
The rear will be done when the hot wave is over and I got a couple more spray cans.

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