Malaguti Spidermax - Honey, I Shrunk the Mercedes

While I liked the 40 something liter Givi top box on my Spidermax GT, it always looked a bit to big for my taste. There was no real harmony of the lines with the Spidermax rear design.
Looking for something new, the contemporary top boxes looked pretty much the same to me.

When I discovered the "Honey, I Shrunk the Mercedes" top box, I had to have it.
You have to see it to believe it.
Well, here it is:
the "Honey, I Shrunk the Mercedes and converted the rear into a top box"

My old several times painted Givi in need of some makeup - you see how this top box dominate the rear

the left and right side of the top box bottom fit exactly with the Spidermax trunk design where it curves

the back rest is integrated and the top box has a curved back for maximum comfort
the high gloss finish acts like a black mirror

there is ample space for a helmet and other stuff - pictured also are the cables to connect the LED lights for position (bottom) and brake (spoiler)

If you want to know more, look at  custom acces or vramack seven - and yes they also have a big one for 2 helmets.
My little one is a VR01-005.


One day later, a Sunday again (it was a Sunday also when we lost the oil and oil filter) coming from the flea market, I just rip the throttle to full on the highway, the bitch fell off.
The same bitch I screwed a day earlier.
We are talking about the trunk here as you guessed.
The speed was around 80 km/h.
And it sure is fun to stop the traffic and collect the pieces what were cluttered across the highway.

Just 4 parts were to collect from the highway. The lock did hold, the Galaxy S5 survived, but the micro sd card quit the next day.

the sub standard plastic of the mounting plate just broke - and I already used bigger washers to cover a wider area to spread the pressure after the original washers just slipped through the mounting plate when light pressure was applied.

I mounted the new trunk exactly the same way as I did my Givi - and that is is still working after 70.000 km and 7 Years.

the Givi mounting plate after 7 years

I could glue the spoiler back together and all the LED lights are still in working order. Except for some heavy scraping and a readjust of the lock everything is back to normal.

Since the mounting plate is crap I screwed the trunk through the mounting plate onto the aluminum frame from the Spidermax 

I used the 2 additional mounting holes to make an ever stronger connection. Now you can literally lift the Malaguti via the top box.  

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