Spidermax - water level check mod

An easy and fast way to keep an eye on the coolant water level

Why would you need a water level check mod?
You just simple bend down and look at the water level in the reservoir.
It is just between the forks, here I show you. No mod necessary.
And you see...

 uhm - you know, you should see the green coolant level through the window...
You need to clean the window to see clearly! - Did not make any difference!
Maybe a flashlight? - Nope!
If I wiggle the bike? - Nope!

The problem is that when the plastic water container ages it gets opaque.
So how do we see that the Malaguti Spidermax still has enough water?

Simple, get a bit of clear plastic tube and a ball-pump.

Make a hole what is smaller than the tube in the rubber stopper so the tube is kept in place.
Stick the tube 15 cm through the stopper.
When I made this mod I took off the side panels to see how deep the tube had to be in to show me the middle to max level, so in case the level is below the tube there might be still enough coolant present.

Here you see the Malaguti Spidermax 4 stage cooling system.
If you want to know more, check my hidden post about the cooling system at the bottom of:

This is how I put the water checker in the "glove compartment".
Originally there was an inverted U of the plastic tube in the fuse box area, but someday I was in need for some of the tubing and this was the closest place to snatch a piece.
(Yes I know it looks dirty, but here on Lanzarote the Sahara is next door and the wind blows through the whole year with 25 to 50 km/h and you clean today and tomorrow it looks the same...)

With a press and release of the ball- pump you see coolant appear and give us a warm feeling that this is still OK.

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