Piaggio Master 500 cc - the CVT at work

I wanted to know why there were belt abrasions marks at different spots on the transmission case.
So I needed to see the CVT in action and how the belt was behaving.
Since the redesign of the transmission from 6 to 8 rollers the driven pulley ball bearing holder had been removed and the transmission lid has now the job.
So here are a couple short clips in a not very secure situation.
Do not try this at home...

See the CVT at work without the clutch bell installed
you can watch the clips in HD, just click on the resolution box bottom right.

You can see that the major belt flapping occurs here in the deceleration phase.

See the CVT at work with the clutch bell installed

The next two photos are shot in idle speed, so the belt is moving.
I wanted to see if there is enough space between the belt and the mounts after I removed some more material. This is with a 3 mm washer installed.

looks good to me, there should not be any more scraping like this be possible.

We will see in a few 100 km...

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