2 Years with the Malaguti Spidermax 500GT

I got her used with 18 months and 4000 km for 3000 Euro, that was a marvelous deal.
Let´s see what happen to my Spidermax in the last 2 years.


2008, 4000 km,  0-100 km/h - 14.5 sec, no parking brake, silver paint, unaesthetic formed lower trunk area, 1 helmet top case, humming loudly for music, front lamps 2x 35 W, factory "beeper", top case back backrest, motor and transmission could be better (see *1 below)


2010, 36000 km , 0-100 km/h - 10.3 sec, parking brake, red with silver paint, masked the unaesthetic formed lower trunk area, 2 helmet top case, 4 speaker stereo 240 W, front lamps 2x 55 W, car horn, lumbar support backrest with upper shoulder support, motor and transmission in perfect harmony because of the Colt conversion, footrests to stretch the legs.

from the post Test Track:

The Spidermax has the most talketive motor. From the sound of an old farming tractor (20km/h 2800 rpm uphill) to the sonor sound of a big thumper bike you hear a wide variety of sounds. She always lets you know how she feels, the Italian girl. Also, she does like her vibrator, the Burgman and even the Pegaso dampened vibrations better. It is not too bad though. She is also not too fast getting up to go, but that might be improved with a different variator. She has the same engine as all Italian 500 cc Scooter. I had the feeling the Burgman was a bit faster from the start.
I found this article what did compare  the 2 cylinder Burgman 650 and the 2 cylinder TMAX with the Runner and the X9 and it sums the engine pretty much up:
With an engine in common – Piaggio’s 460cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected, four- valve, MASTER mill – the X9 and Nexus offer almost identical riding experiences. The MASTER has claimed peak outputs of 29kW at 7500rpm and 43Nm at 5500rpm, but the Nexus felt faster despite having a claimed kerb weight of 216kg, some 3kg greater than the X9. In comparison with the Japanese maxis, the Piaggio and Gilera engines are less pleasant to use, particularly around town or at lower speeds, where the Italian motor feels very rough, chuggy and unrefined. It smoothes out markedly as the revs rise and cruises very well, with a decent turn of speed for overtaking, but never quite manages to match the Japanese twins for acceleration, throttle response or smoothness.
All these negative points are completely gone with my Colt conversion and I would love to race up to 100 km/h any of the bikes mentioned above.

What to say after 2 Years and 32000 km in the saddle?
I am totally in love with this bike, the color scheme, the smoothness and response of the engine, all the little mods I made make her one of a kind. She feels like a fine driving leather glove, fits perfectly.
I had lots of different bikes in my life so far and tried some more like the Piaggio MP3 but the Spidermax is the optimal combination of sporty handling bike and luxury scooter for me.

So what have I spend so far on my Spidermax mods?
20 Euro for the added brightness Phillips lamps
70 Euro for the remote control bike alarm
35 Euro for the disk brake alarm lock. (not really a mod)
00 Euro on the Parking Brake (just bend a hook I found in my tool shed)
25 Euro on the spray paint and 20 Euro more for experimenting with a few different colors
00 Euro for my roadrunner logo (Mc Donald´s toy found abandoned)
10 Euro on different wide angle mirrors
00 Euro for the Colt conversion (10 Euro Extractor 35 Euro electric impact wrench)
05 Euro for the Horn (car wrecker)
45 Euro for the radio
12 Euro for the speakers (second hand)
04 Euro for the footrests

Problems so far:
When I got her the speedometer stopped working after 20 km.
- Easy fix, just wiped the metal dust from then sensor at the wheel 2008.9.20

A slowly loosing air rear tire because of a nail but she still handled very well and got me home.
- could be fixed with a patch kit for a while 2009.1.22

One slight leaking fork seal.
- 50 Euro for a complete original seal replacement kit. (still need to install, 2010.1.11

2 twist off transmission lid bolts
- these bolts are sub quality, other people had the same problem with the MASTER 500, replaced them.

Loosing the rear brake pad secure bolt.
- my fault for not paying closer attention to a not so secure bolt. 2010.8.12

So far she is absolutely reliable and has never let me down.

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