Master 500cc - the 5 second transmission belt check mod

This mod is for the 400cc and 500cc Piaggio MASTER engine what you find on most European scooters like the Aprilia Atlantic,  Aprilia Scarabeo, Gilera Nexus, Gilera Fuoco, Piaggio Beverly, Piaggio MP3, Piaggio X9, Peugeot Satelis, Malaguti Spidermax GT500
Malaguti Madison and lots more.

I found this picture at the Modern Vespa blog  yesterday and I wondered if there was an easy way for an instant belt check mod.

Since my belt has lost most of the outer thread (I do not know the proper term) in his 34000 km (21000 miles) service life so far I always wondered if this was a bad sign, since most people when they see that parts of that therad is missing replace their belt.

Luckily I found this picture of a separated belt and now I know that the thread is just a tight wrapped around layer to keep the belt from stretching. So when the outer thread is gone, no big deal. It get´s bad when there is actual separation.

Since we have now covered the belt lets find an easy and fast way to check it instantly.

With the silver plastic cover removed it is quite easy to check in what  shape the belt is in if you look into the bottom center air holes.

BUT since for most people the silver cover is installed and peeking into the rear exhaust vent just shows us the top of the belt there has to be a better solution!

Thinking about just drilling a thumb thick service opening into the silver cover and the transmission lid was not to appealing to me to have this view.

Let´s check the bottom -
Through the first bottom opening you can easy see and feel the belt and the anti-flapper wheel.

This is how my belt looks with the missing outer thread... SCARY - nah not really.

And here Ladies and Gentleman is my 5 second instant belt and anti-flapper wheel bearing check mod.


Take wire cutter pliers and cut the 3rd beam (insert better word) as shown on the photo below

If you cut it this way, and you do not even need to remove the silver cover to do that, than it looks still unmodified from the outside but now you can check with a flashlight or just your fingers the state of the transmission belt and if the bearing of the anti-flapper wheel still spins freely.

If you want it neat and no sharp corners you can use a knife and smoothen the cut areas like I did.

And now every time you fill her up, your finger can check the state of your belt.

Ah - finally peace of mind...

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