Center Stand Anti Theft Device

Since some bloody bugger stole my Burgman 400 I try to think on occasion of ways to make a bike harder to steal.

To lock a tire is not a valid option since this does not prevent a thief to lift the other end and pushes the bike onto a trailer or up a ramp into a van.
An alarm is only so good as the people around who notice it and spring to action.
Yeah, fat chance.

Satellite or cellphone tracking might be a last resort and there are several services who offer that but inside a van or metal building it gets kind of hard to keep a lock.

How about locking the center stand? Than the bike can not be pushed and if you combine that with a motion alarm that might be a pretty simple and quick solution for a securer bike.

Malaguti made 2 holes into the plate where they mounted the center stand and disc tire lock fits perfectly. In my case I use a motion trigger alarm disc lock.

There is also a big metal loop under the trunk where you can tie the Spidermax to a pole with a chain for additional security.

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