MASTER 500cc Roller weight comparison

Piaggio original 8x21.5 g = 172 g Strangled Sealion, Paintshaker, sluggish performance
Mustang conversion 6x21.5 g = 129 g much less Strangled Sealion, OK performance
Malossi 8x16 g = 128 g confirmed similar behavior as the Mustang conversion
Polini 8x16 g = 128 g
Malossi 8x15 g = 120 g
Polini 8x15 g = 120 g
Dr.Pulley 8x15 g = 120 g
Polini 8x14 g = 112 g
Malossi 6x16 g = 96 g not tested
Woody/Steel 8x12 = 96 g not working properly
Colt conversion 4x21.5 g = 86 g awesome performance

J.Costa has a different setup and weights so I can not compare.

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