Malaguti Spidermax - horn if you are honky

replacing the beeper with a horn
The standard horn makes a sound what no one takes serious.
I need more noise!

For 5 Euro I got a car horn from the used car part store. I wanted to have a double but this is what they had.

In the normal place where the old horn was mounted was not enough space, so I bend the metal stripes from the old horn a bit and mounted the new one below the radiator.

I mounted it in this way so the opening from the horn is exactly in line with the opening of the front cover.

The main problem was that Malaguti had 2 connectors on the old horn. Normally you have one 12 volt terminal and get ground from the mounting screw.
BUT Malaguti wiring called for permanent 12  volt on one terminal when the ignition is switched on and the horn button just connects the other terminal with ground.

Every time I switched on the ignition my new horn honked.
Needed to get a relay and a 12 volt line to finish this job and since I did not have the right connectors at hand I had to improvise again. Bend a couple flat terminals round to connect them via a simple cable connector. Not elegant, but it works.

After 6 weeks and several honkings I am happy with the sound and the amount of noise I have with the press of a button.

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