4 Years with the Malaguti Spidermax 500GT

Time sure flies if you are having fun.

My Malaguti Spidermax has now 65000 km on the meter, I am running on 4 21 gram Dr. Pulley sliders what have been reduced to 19 gram and the 2 mm distance washer has been replaced with a 2.5 mm key ring.  This is the near optimal setting for my very hilly environment and the 2 persons the Spidermax has to carry.
With this high RPM setting I switched back to full synthetic oil.
The leaking water pump seal has more or less fixed itself and my consumption is between 5 and 5.5 liter per 100 km but mostly in the 5.5 area since I just love to be in the 6-7000 RPM band.
The bike needs to be resprayed since the permanent sun takes its toll on my couple layer spray can paint job.
After discovering and replacing the worn out exhaust seal what was responsible for a loud engine, the Piaggio 500cc MASTER engine runs nearly as quite as new. The seal gets damaged every time the rear tire is changed since it is a very delicate and easy to damage material.
So far the Spidermax is in good shape and with a rear spare tire in the garage (the last took 2 months to get to me) I´m on the safe side.
Thanks to my 4 roller conversion what got rid of the Belt Flapping, Paint Shaker and screaming Sea Lion my second belt still looks like nearly new and shows little sign of aging.
After my short experience with a Burgman K8 I am looking toward many more kilometers I will have fun with the so much better handling Malaguti Spidermax.


  1. Hello
    Yesterday I saw for the first time in my life a Spidermax. And when I checked out the engine, I saw it was the Piaggio Master engine, like on my Atlantic Sprint of Mid 2005 that has now 67000 km.
    So by surfing I came to your blog and have the impression that you know quite a bit of this Engine, and maybe you could help me or give some suggestions to the following issue I have.

    - When the engine is warm, it stalls at idle when for example I stop for a traffic light.
    - When I restart the engine. Everything is normal.
    - When braking hard from high speed to about 30 km/h the engine stalls.
    - Sometimes I also have a lack of power when accelerating from 0 km/h or even at higher speed. But after 90 km/h everything is normal.
    - The issue started about 20000 KM ago, but got worse overtime.
    I checked several things so far:
    - In the beginning I screwed up the idle with the little screw on the injector block, and that helped for a while, but since this summer it got pretty hot here (above 35°C) this does not help anylonger.
    - Disassembled the injection block and related components cleaned it and inspected for abnormal things. Nothing found.
    - Checked the inlet tube between the Injection block and the engine. No cracks that could lead to “falls air”.
    - Drove without the airfilter. No improvement.
    - Checked the valve clearance. Everything normal. FYI, Since I have this scooter, the valves have never been adjusted. The clearance is always within the spec.
    - Filled up the cooling liquid to max level. No change.
    Since a few weeks the temperature is going down here, it is getting below 10°C, and there is some improvement, so I think temperature is playing a big role, but how I have no idea.

    In case you or somebody else has an idea of what I could check next or what the the issue is, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance for your reply,

  2. @Johan Pieters - the stalling engine I had several times and it was until recently solved with a new spark plug. I have to look into it if it gets worse with my Spidermax. So far I have no idea, but a good idea might be to search forum for other scooters with the same engine.

    1. Good to hear that it solved your problem.
      For the issue I have, a new spark plug did not change anything.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Please, i from São Paulo - Brasil, someone speak portuguese or spanish. I have a malaguti spidermax gt500.


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