GPS or Getting Perished (lost) in Style

install a GPS

The joy of getting lost and discovering new frontiers uhm - places.
GPS are so cheap these days, so there is no reason not to have one.
So how do we mount it so it is optimal visible, not in the way and looks good also?
When I mounted a GPS on my Burgman I used the supplied flexible swan neck but it always resulted in vibrations of the GPS.
I found an offer of an unknown GPS at Carrefour here on Gran Canaria for 70€.
Testing the GPS I found this holder the pefrect fit for the Malaguti Spidermax GT500,
the unit picking up the satellites fast and the display is bright although the sound was loud enough.
The Guepard Multimedia GPS uses Ndrive V2 software which is actualy quite usable.
Cross testing with the Ndrive G400 for 119€ I noticed:
better screen -> Guepard - a bit brighter and a bit better anti reflective coating
better GPS -> Guepard - the Ndrive found 4 form the 8 sattelites Guepard found
exacter GPS -> Guepard - I compared 5 GPS: 2 Guepard Multimedia, 1 Ndrive G400, 1 HP IPAQ Travel Companion and 1 MIO DigiWalker (the first hand held Pocket PC with a build in GPS), all read similar coordiantes and found around 6 to 8 sattelites while the Ndrive found only 4 and was not that exact.
better software -> Guepard - the Ndrive V3 menu is unusable. Dark letters on 3d dark fields is not readable at all.
better holder -> Guepard - additional swivel head
The Ndrive has a build in alcohol tester.

I did not care much for the Ndrive software on the Guepard. My MIO was running TOMTOM 6 and since it had more and more hardware resets on its own it was time to retire it. So I had my TOMTOM 6 license but my hardware was shot. Maybe there was a way to get the TOMTOM 6 onto the Guepard.
There is and it is easy. Just copy TOMTOM on a SD card and rename the TOMTOM folder to MobileNavigator and the TOMTOM navigator.exe to MobileNavigator.exe and get a free new key from TOMTOM for the replacement hardware.

Now where to mount?
Here comes the fun part:
careful lift the Malaguti emblem from the handlebar cover.
remove handlebar faceplate
under the emblem is a round hole in what exactly the upper part from the Guepard GPS holder fit.
disasemble the holder (one screw) and disasemble the upper part (one screw)
mount upper part in hole and screw the swivel head back on.
mount handlebar faceplate
enjoy the best fitting GPS holder for the Spidermax.

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