Malaguti Spidermax - Snap Shots

Here are a few shots what show you my Spider in some unique situations 

let´s race
(hmm - an Audi TT in the same color as my spray can painted Spider? COOL)

almond flower

don´t worry, I pull you...
the man in the mirror - and the bike - and some other things

no words

no way that I change my Spider for that huge Honda

aghrr maties, shiver me timber

I can outrun that

yes, in the desert that might be preferable, but this is NOT the desert.


the isty bitsy spider...

nice curves

get the monkey out of my top box

this was not planned, but good for a laugh at home

The first time I rode through, with 2 up, but the water deposits stones on the road invisible under the surface and the water came up to the underside of the floor board, the second time I chickened out.

3 pretty faces, Aida, Spider and Gorch Fock

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