Piaggio Master 500cc - 2 Years / 30000 km (19000 miles) with the 4 roller Colt conversion

the truth about my crazy experiment II

I started my Colt conversion experiment 2009.8.10 with 19.000 km, now 2011.9.24 two years and at 49.000 km so 30.000 km (19.000 miles) later it is time to see how it worked out.

If you are new to my blog, here a short recap for you.
I replaced the rollers and the belt at 37.000 km. 12.000 km later the new rollers are in extremely bad shape, see: WARNING! bad Piaggio rollers batch while the belt is in mint condition without any sign of wear or tear.
I am now on the road with permanent 2 persons on the bike and the gas consumption is now
  • a bit above 5 liter per 100km 
  • or a bit below 19 km per liter
  • below 45 miles per gallon US
keep in mind my V-max is often above 120 km/h - 75 mph and the terrain has always slight hills, or steeper ones if we go into the mountains.
The colt conversion still works very well, right now with the used rollers changed the 2 mm washer against a 1 mm to see if that changes the consumption.
So far the acceleration from the stand and around 3000 rpm took a noticeable hit and acceleration in the mountains is also less satisfying, the overall rpm is down a bit and we will see if there is a change in consumption.
With 38.500 after an 8 hour tour through the whole island mountains the water pump seal went bad and started to drip noticeable out of the weep hole.

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