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the idea to improve design with color
The Right Color

The insect like front and back of the Malaguti Spidermax just begs to get a nice paint job. Also the side is styled so beautiful, it needs to be accentuated.
A blue metallic as on my Burgman or Pegaso seemed too ordinary for the Spidermax and candy apple red metallic was closer but still not right.
Eva decided that viper green metallic as first seen in Germany on the VW Scirocco would be the right color for the bike.

I think I will accentuate the side in red, have to see if candy apple red metallic works together with the viper green metallic or if a more aggressive orange red looks better.

The colors here are computer generated, they have not the brilliance and fire as they would in real life. The yellow is a chrome yellow metallic, the orange is the gold orange metallic as used on the Ford Focus, fire engine red or Curacao blue to just name a few. As for the final picture, you see that the bottom of the rump is black, what looks so much better. The not so pretty black plastic shield on the muffler might be replaced by a chrome one from the Beverly 500. Also the silver finish from the transmission cover might look better in black. The chrome stripe might also need a color change, maybe red or black but that I have to see after the final paint job.

The Quest for a nicer behind

Most parts of the Spidermax have a very fetching look, the designers just messed up the back a bit. It looks awesome from above, but side and rear view  is less than eye pleasing.  The lower part looks more like a bucket.
Before I even had my Spidermax I was modifying the appearance of the back on the computer.
Here are some designs I tried out to make the back look sleeker.
Since the chrome stripe has mounting functions it can not be removed, so the  masking has to be done below or above. I decided below and to use the chrome stripe as a kind of chrome bumper to finish the rear end.
Yesterday I went a step further and masked the area I wanted black with electrical tape to get an idea how the 2d computer design would look in 3d real life. I found most view angles really pleasing, except the frontal rear view.
Every other design did not bring the wanted effect, so I guess I found the best compromise.

Non glossy black paint is waiting to finish the job, but for now I will see if I do not come up with another idea...
I think Malaguti came to the same conclusion and on the face lift 2008 version, called Spidermax RS now. A much more eye pleasing rear end was designed, the ungainly black silencer plastic heat shield was replaced with a small and chrome one and a new faceplate was installed in the front.

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