5 and 6 Years with the Malagut Spidermax

In the last 2 Years I spend less than 8000 km total riding.
Why? Is there anything wrong with the Spidermax?

No, just life happen.
We moved into a new area into a fancy new full glass front triplex where there was no telephone line free (200 houses 50 lines). So for 2 Years we had internet via the smartphone. Slow, very limited and expensive. We also had a lot of dog shit on the street and in front of the house. But that is rural Spain for you. It got so on my nerves that the only situation how I could cope with that was to get our own dog - and shoot back ;)

He loved to be with us, so the excursions changed from the Spidermax to the Peugeot 306 cabrio.
6 month later his little sister completed our family.
6 months later we all found 3 baby catz dumped on the beach.

You can guess the rest...
Then since the beginning of 2014 we made a big mistake and moved to another island where we have near constant cold wind from 25 to over 50 km/h and riding the bike is now so much fun that in 8 months we were doing less then 1000 km.
But we will move again and this time to a place where there will be tons of places to go, nearly no wind, almond, orange and olive trees, fields of grapes, nice hills awesome landscape and enough place around the house to let our 5 buggers play around while we will get our bike riding time back.

My Spidermax sends greeting, she is doing OK while the sun  bleaches out her paint and the aggressive sea air with lots of fine dust and ocean spray slowly corrodes everything.

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