Can U C Me Now?

Head lights from 70 to 110 W
Brighter lights
A nice thing with the Spidermax are the lights.
4 rear bulbs in the back make sure you are visible and the 2 front lights are equal. That means not one side designed for high beam and the other for low beam as in so many modern bikes.
There are 2 H4 lamps but Malaguti decided 35W each would be enough.
Well it certainly is better than the small lamp from my Pegaso 650 (nearly everything is) and it is a bit more than the one lamp from my Burgman 400 what put out 50W.
But there always is the way to improve things. For 20€ I got some Philips Vision +50% and 15 min later my bike even shines brighter.
Getting to the light is quite easy, remove the 2 screws on each side.

lift the rubber cover from the mirror up and the lift the faceplate up carefully.

be careful with the little center hook in the front that needs some careful wiggling or just remove the 2 screws from the center light and easy remove the faceplate.

to remove the bulbs either unplug the bulbs first, then remove the rubber seal.
If the plug is stubborn, just loosen the rubber seal that you can reach the metal wire clamp what holds the lights.

the bulbs are secured by a single wire clamp and you locate the position where you bend the wire towards the bottom easy by looking at the picture above.

On the left side you see the 55W lamp on the right side is the 35W lamp.
The picture is darkened to show the lamps better, otherwise the camera would show you 2 bright lights which were hard to tell apart.

If you need to change the angle from the lamps you can reach the big star shaped knobs easily through the fork holes in the lower molding. No need to remove the faceplate.