Viewing angle of the mirrors
About the mirrors
My Burgman 400 had the same problem as my Pegaso 650.

The mirrors left a too big blind area where I could not see the traffic which was trying to pass me.

I added on both bikes small anti blind spot mirrors, but they were too small to be effective and they covered the already small mirror space.
The mirrors from the Spidermax are just great.
  • they are wide angle mirrors
  • they are slightly tinted against reflections in the night
  • they are big enough to cover nearly everything
  • they are high enough to pass cars without smacking into their mirrors (Kymco Dink, Burgman 650 etc)
  • they are very sturdy, so there are no vibrations
  • they are easy to twist aside without breaking
  • they are complementing the Spidermax design and don´t look like something cheap from the shelf with no regards to the rest of the bike.
  • they are the best mirrors I had on any of my 10+ bikes
I fiddled today with the mirrors until I had them optimal. I could see left and right passing cars without turning my head. They entered my periferal vision when they left the mirror. 

The actual field of view is larger, since the single camera lens does not has the  field of view 2 eyes are having.

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